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Anime Foresters is a part of chapteria.com and created with the aim of reaching readers around the world. 

We provides the latest news and popular discussions about anime, manga, novels and others. We also consistently strive to provide information with a greater amount of content, quality and useful to readers.

Editorial team

Dimas Adhitya Maulana (Owner / Founder / Writer)

Email: dimasadhityamaulana@gmail.com

Fikhi Alfiansyah (Content Writer)

Email: Fikhialfiansyahofficials@gmail.com

Vision and mission

✔ Presenting Creative and Casual Content

We always try to present a variety of information that is super creative, unique, as well as easy to apply in a relaxed style, not too standard and friendly to readers.

✔ Reliable and Valid Information

In an era that is increasingly developing today, we stick to our stance to present content that is accountable and valid.

✔ Information sharing

We made this for the purpose of sharing as well as a service that can be enjoyed by readers with content about anime, manga, novels and others that are still related.