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Genshin Impact Successfully Makes a Player Quit Smoking


A publication on Reddit about the video Genshin Impact recently went viral for telling the story of a user who was finally able to quit smoking after playing the game.

A Reddit user, u/hxomaa told about his experience regarding how he always spent some of the money he collected to buy cigarettes, however, after playing the game Genshin Impact developed by miHoYo, without realizing it he has now finally quit his addiction, even up to 5 months. He also revealed that he currently feels very healthy.

So, thanks to Genshin Impact, his addiction seems to have now been completely forgotten. Here's what he said:

"I know this sounds stupid and lame, but i always saved some of the daily money that i am getting for buying a pack of cigarettes, after i played genshin and i become obsessed with, i always spent my saved money on blessing of the moon monthly, and this made me forget about cigarettes and now it’s been 5 months without smoking and i feel so healthy THANKS MIHOYO"

Several other reddit users also commented:

"Good job !!! But don't get addicted to spending gacha now"

"I can't believe gacha is the answer for quitting cigs"

"I was about to say. People tend to move from one addiction to another. Glad you’re doing good."

"At least gacha addiction will only drain your wallet. Not drain your wallet AND slowly kill you."

"Thank you I was gonna say a cigarette addiction is way worse."

"mihoyo helping its community by being addictive without health risks"

Source: Reddit

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