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Hololive VTuber Minato Aqua Will Have Her Own Game

The agency Hololive announced on Friday, January 28, 2022 that Virtual Youtuber Minato Aqua will be getting her own game this year on consoles or portable gaming systems for which details have not yet been announced.

Entergram is responsible for developing and publishing the game. The agency revealed that further details will be announced at a later date.

Meanwhile, Minato Aqua is a second generation Hololive VTuber talent who debuted in August 2018. Minato, Oozora Subaru, and Momosuzu Nene are also part of a unit called NEGI☆U.

NEGI☆U's first single is "Tsumari wa Itsumo Kujikenai!" which is the ending theme song for the television anime Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! whose story is adapted from a manga by Wakame Konbu.

The first generation of hololive players debuted in 2018. More than 50 Virtual YouTubers are currently on hololive. The talents appear using elaborate 2D and 3D avatars provided by the company. Hololive English debuted in September. The names of the talents that debuted were Ninomae Ina'nis, Takanashi Kiara, Watson Amelia, Mori Calliope, and Gawr Gura.

Source: Twitter

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