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Tokyo Revengers Episode 6 English Sub: Release Date & Preview


The development of Tokyo Revengers has increasingly opened up new conflicts where in the previous episode Takemichi had to be faced with the death of his peer who had committed suicide right before his eyes and now he had to fight back to the past to change everything.

Interestingly, when he returns to the past, time goes hand in hand with the present. That's why Takemichi is so adamant about finding out the facts of the death of his girlfriend and friends. The Tokyo Revengers storyline is even more interesting when Takemichi is given a mission to investigate the case of Draken's death.

In this article you will find out the latest developments regarding the release date of the synopsis, preview, and streaming link for the Tokyo Revengers episode 6. So let's see an explanation that needs to be known about how exciting the next storyline is.

Tokyo Revengers Previous Episode

After returning to the present, Takemichi is faced with a new conflict and he must resolve it all one by one. The initial conflict began with Draken, who died from being stabbed with a knife in the stomach by a 3rd grader of junior high school.

It is known that the cause of his death was due to a feud between Draken's camp and Mikey's camp in Touman. Regarding this, Takemichi did not believe that the two of them could be at loggerheads despite the fact that they both understood each other.

Takemichi now has 3 very tough missions to complete. Starting from his first mission is to investigate the case of Draken's death and save him in time. The second mission investigates Sano Manjirou's behavior, which changes after Draken's death.

The third mission to save Sendou Atsushi from Kisaki Tetta's restraint which made him commit suicide. As well as saving Tachibana Hinata who was then killed by Touman. If the mission goes well, it's likely that everyone will survive. Then can he finish all of them at one time?

Tokyo Revengers Episode 6: Preview

Episode 6 "Regret"

The conflict between Toman and Aimi (Moebius), which divides Shinjuku, is about to begin when a close friend of Haruki Hayashida (Parchin), the captain of the Tokyo Manji Gang, is attacked. According to Naoto, Draken's death must have been due to an internal conflict with Toman, not a conflict with Mr. Aimi (Mobius). What really happened that day? Takemichi returns to the present day to find out the truth from Nobutaka Nagauchi, Aimi's top brass.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 6: Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Episode 6 is scheduled to be released on MBS, TV Tokyo and several other Japanese television stations on May 16, 2021. Meanwhile, episode 6 streaming and downloading is usually available sometime after.

Legal streaming services Crunchyroll and Muse Asia also provide anime with English subtitles on every Sunday morning at 01:38 WIB.

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