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Tokyo Revengers Episode 5: Release Date & Preview


You can find the latest news regarding the release date, synopsis, preview, and streaming link for Tokyo Revengers Episode 5 in this article. So, let's take a look at what we need to know about how fun the next story line will be.

Tokyo Revengers is a manga by Ken Wakui which has now received an anime adaptation by LIDENFILMS studio. The manga has been published in Kodansha's Weekly Shounen Magazine since March 2017. Not only was it made into an anime, the franchise also received a live action adaptation which was released in October.

Tokyo Revengers Previous Episode

After returning home from school, Takemichi is invited by Hina to study together at her house, they discuss some interesting things including Hina thanks to Takemichi for saving her younger brother from a group of thugs. 

She also revealed that her papa was rarely home because he was busy working as a police officer. She also said that Naoto and father didn't have a good relationship and her younger brother didn't like him either, but after being saved by Takemichi, he suddenly became inspired to follow in father's footsteps.

So far Takemichi has experienced quite an extreme experience and therefore he is slowly becoming a more mature figure. Hina quickly realized that her boyfriend had now become an adult and that was why she wanted to know more from the inside of Takemichi. 

Maybe that's why Takemichi has yet to forget his first girlfriend, especially Hina's character who is easy to understand and quickly understands the situation, making Takemichi even more eager to stay by her side.

After returning to the future accidentally holding Naoto's hand, who was watching the fireworks at that time. Takemichi decides to look for Mikey to ask about Touman's changes in the present. However, between the search for Mikey, he breaks through various events that initially hit him with the truth and he is determined to save his closest ones.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 5: Preview

Episode 5 “Releap

Twelve years ago, Naoto learned that Draken had died due to internal conflict between the “Mikey” and “Draken” groups in Touman. After hearing the report from Naoto, Takemichi believes that Draken's death has a big impact on Mikey, who until now has no intention of fighting again, he returns to the past to find out the real cause of the conflict and save Draken. Takemichi made a leap of time predictably, but when he opened his eyes, there was a strange girl dressed open right in front of him.

Tokyo Revengers Episode 5: Release Date

Tokyo Revengers Episode 5 is scheduled to be released on MBS, TV Tokyo and several other Japanese television stations on May 9, 2021. Meanwhile, episode 5 streaming and downloading is usually available sometime after.

Legal streaming services Crunchyroll and Muse Asia also provide anime with English subtitles on every Sunday morning at 01:38 WIB.

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