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Hige wo Soru (Higehiro) Episode 7 English Sub: Release Date & Preview


Higehiro anime will enter episode 7 starting next Monday, of course every minute of it always brings an unusual atmosphere to be extraordinary. Previously, Sayu's first step into entering her workplace actually opened up old memories with a friend who at that time had begun to forget. She thought back to the saddest memories in her life when she saw this figure.

Interestingly, a figure named Kyoya Yaguchi, openly said that he would never forget the name of the woman he had slept with. Higehiro's storyline becomes even more tense when Sayu is again being harassed by Kyoya, but luckily Yoshida arrives on time and messes things up.

This article will discuss the latest news regarding the release date, synopsis, spoilers, and previews for the anime Higehiro (Hige wo Soru) episode 7 English Sub. So let's take a look at what you need to know about how fun the next story line will be.

Higehiro Previous Episode

The meeting after all this time which actually brought traumatic impact on Sayu became a special moment in Kyoya Yaguchi's life. Always impose his own will without thinking about the feelings of others, be straightforward and good at seducing women. That's the first look at Kyoya Yaguchi's personality. Even though he is a j3rk, Yaguchi selflessly keeps his promises with people he trusts, at least he still has a good side to maintain relationships with other people.

But the moment that couldn't be taken advantage of was when Yaguchi invited Sayu to have intercourse for the umpteenth time. Although at first Sayu refused, but Yaguchi's coercion and threat could not make her survive to protect herself. Bringing the j3rk of his residence is a matter that might end Sayu, but fortunately there is Yoshida who arrived on time and everything Sayu had given up came back into her life.

Especially now that Sayu already has 2 very special people in changing her life. Yes they are Yoshida and Asami. These two people are very influential on Sayu's future, starting from Yoshida who always gives a positive impact, and Asami, who is always the place where she confides in the grievances that she has been keeping for a long time. At least now Sayu can calmly live her life like a human. So what plans has Sayu prepared for her future?

Hige Wo Soru (Higehiro) Episode 7 Preview

Episode 7 "Yearning"

It is known that Asami is on summer school vacation, and Sayu is spending more time with her. Asami begins to work hard studying for exams to realize her dream of becoming a novelist. Sayu also continues to think about her future, which is still her plan. The next day while cleaning, Sayu finds a cardboard box full of Yoshida's personal belongings. Inside is his high school graduation album.

Higehiro Episode 7: Release Date

Higehiro (Hige wo Soru) Episode 7 is scheduled to air on Japanese television stations and several other streaming platforms on May 17, 2021, Monday night.

Higehiro (Hige wo Soru) Episode 7 with English subtitles will also be released on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and others on the same day.

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