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Higehiro Episode 6: Release Date & Preview


Higehiro's development is getting to a bright spot where in the previous episode Yoshida finally told about Sayu to Gotou. The meeting, which lasted quite a long time, seemed to have had a positive impact on Sayu.

However, there are still many mysteries that Gotou doesn't know about Sayu's real life. Higehiro's storyline becomes even more interesting when Gotou gives Sayu a code to tell Yoshida to go buy groceries so they can talk privately.

In this article you will find out the latest news regarding the release date of the synopsis, preview, and streaming link for the anime Higehiro (Hige wo Soru) episode 6. So let's see an explanation you need to know about how exciting the next story line is.

Higehiro Previous Episode

In the conversation between the two, Gotou asked some specific questions about the origin of Sayu. But there are also some questions that Sayu can't answer, for example the reason why she ran away from her house, and also how long she will stay with Yoshida. After that Gotou gave Sayu a little advice to live a better life.

To ease the burden on her mind, Sayu finally tells Gotou a dark story in tears from selling herself to finding a comfortable place in Yoshida's house. Sayu also questions whether Gotou really likes Yoshida. Of course Gotou's answer is definitely love for his coworkers. She also shared how the feeling of love arose, and Sayu looked interested in supporting their relationship after she heard about it.

On the other hand, when Yoshida came out of his house, he met Mishima. It turned out that Mishima had been stalking the two couples who were in love all along. Mishima knows that Gotou went to her house but Yoshida explains that it was because of Sayu that Gotou visited her house. Mishima also asked Yoshida whether he still loved Gotou. Also some other questions. After that Mishima left him.

On the way to take his idol home, Yoshida was given a little message to continue to look after Sayu and Gotou will continue to support him in solving problems in the future.

Hige Wo Soru (Higehiro) Episode 6 Preview

Episode 6 "Starry Sky"

Sayu gradually becomes a more positive person while living with Yoshida and she is determined to return to her parents' house one day. However, another past tries to bother her again when she meets the man she was in a relationship with, Kyoya Yaguchi. During the meeting Yaguchi forced her into contact again but Sayu refused and Yoshida came over to give him a little hard slap.

Higehiro Episode 6: Release Date

Higehiro (Hige wo Soru) Episode 6 is scheduled to air on Japanese television stations and several other streaming platforms on May 10, 2021, Monday night.

Higehiro (Hige wo Soru) Episode 6 with English subtitles will also be released on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and others on the same day.

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