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Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Episode 6 English Sub: Release Date & Preview


The development of Full Dive now brings the audience to be able to enjoy anime with a new conflict which of course always makes curiosity, especially the upcoming episode 6. In the previous episode Hiro was accused of murdering Martin, even the residents there really hated him for what was actually just an accident.

Full Dive's storyline gets even more interesting when Hiro goes looking for a job to earn a little money, but his actions only make the receptionist angry. Then, Reona came and gave advice on three ways to get money.

In this article you will get clearer information about the latest news such as the synopsis release date, and preview of the anime Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen episode 6. So let's see an explanation that needs to be known about how exciting the next storyline is.

Full Dive Previous Episode

Hiro is brought to the residence of Guard Captain Ted City named Thundering Tesla. Tesla investigated Martin's death, which he considered an accident because the stab was difficult to identify. After that Tesla also gave a warning because Alicia tried to kill Hiro.

After leaving Tesla's residence, Hiro, who was walking freely, still received criticism and accusations from the residents, even being stoned by them. Not thinking about the residents who still suspected him, Hiro thought more about a safe way to fight Alicia.

Reona then suggests Hiro to buy a smoke bomb, but Hiro doesn't have enough money. Reona gave advice on three ways to get money, namely working, borrowing and stealing. Ignoring the stealing, Hiro tries to find work. But bad luck did not stop him, in this job Hiro failed to get it because he had to fight and was kicked out by the person who offered him the job.

The second way is to borrow money, here Hiro and Reona once again come to Ginji. Had an argument between them but in the end Ginji gave up and gave Hiro 60 gald. Talking about their relationship, in fact Hiro and Ginji are still haunted by their childhood friends.

Hiro then goes to a shop where he can buy a smoke bomb for 20 gald. Here he bought two smoke bombs, but because he was still under suspicion of being a killer, he got an additional 10 gald, even the shop he visited now added a special price of 10 more gald, so he took out 60 gald just for a smoke bomb.

Hiro and Reona decide to return to their house to get the sword, but when they get there, Alicia is already waiting to kill Hiro. When about to do the action, Mizarisa who is an investigator comes to save Hiro.

Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Episode 6 Preview

Because Full Dive: This Ultimate Next-Gen Full Dive RPG Is Even Shittier than Real Life! anime just aired some time ago, it is still unknown how the story will continue in episode 6. However, if there is more information regarding the synopsis of this episode, we will try to update it quickly.

Episode 6: "Knife vs. Saw"

Full Dive: This Ultimate Next Gen Episode 6: Release Date

Full Dive Episode 6 is scheduled to air on Japanese television stations and several other streaming platforms on May 11, 2021, Tuesday night at 10.30 JST. 

You can also watch legally with English sub on the AnimeLab, Funimation, and Wakanim sites on the same day. It is hoped that fans will continue to support legal anime by streaming it on sites that are already available.

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