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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 30: Official Release Date


The release date for Mercenary Enrollment chapter 30 has finally been announced, and as always, we will provide information about the release date in this article.

Before getting into the core of the discussion, let's at least review what happened in the previous chapter.

In the previous chapter, Yu Ijin was finally shown telling everything about Yuna's father, Shin Inguk, to Shin Yuna.

Hearing all of her father's messages, which were conveyed through Yu Ijin, Yuna cried knowing this unexpected fact.

Yuna finally began to realize that it turned out that in the midst of her father's busyness in managing the company, Shin Inguk still really loved her daughter, Yuna. Even in his dying moments, he still wanted to see his daughter one last time, even though in the end it could not materialize.

Thanks to Yu Ijin, Yuna finally realized all of that. Yuna is of course also curious about why Yu Ijin was able to meet Yuna's father before.

The previous chapter was really very interesting to read, the story that was originally opened was very funny, ending with a great feeling of emotion.

In the upcoming chapter, it seems that the relationship between Yuna, Goh Sukjoo and Yu Ijin will be getting better in the future.

Talking about the latest upcoming chapter, along with information about the release date.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 30: Official Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment chapter 30 is scheduled to officially release on Naver Webtoon on Saturday, April 24, 2021 at night with Korean content. (sometimes also referred to as RAW.)

Meanwhile, the English translations on the non-official website seem to be out the next day as usual on Sunday. However, it is possible to come out the next day on Monday, it all depends on the translator.

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