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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 29: Official Release Date


After gaining experience as a SW Group bodyguard in team 2, where he was in charge of protecting Yuna's older sister, Yu Ijin finally returned home.

The next day, Yu Ijin's younger sister, Dayun, was seen busy preparing food to be sent to the place where their grandfather worked. Hearing that, Yu Ijin also wanted to bring the food to grandfather. The two of them are shown going together to where their grandfather works.

Arriving at his grandfather's place, they both saw that his grandfather was still busy cleaning the trash that was scattered everywhere. Yu Ijin and Dayun finally helped clean up the trash with their dear grandfather. It's a family harmony that is very enchanting. They look happy when together.

Meanwhile, the people passing by as usual could only be amazed by Yu Ijin's good looks. Especially them, the women. After finishing cleaning the trash, the three of them finally ate together happily.

So far, this chapter doesn't show any fights at all. But most interestingly, when Yu Ijin's grandfather was on his way home from work, he had a problem when faced with a tattooed man with a woman who was with him, where they parked carelessly.

Luckily, the two of them were successfully kicked out by Yu Ijin's friend, or you could say a thug who used to come to Yu's house. The funny thing is, Yu Ijin grandfather and the thug took a photo together, then sent to Yu Ijin, which made him a little misunderstood.

Even though there were no battles at all, the previous chapter was quite interesting and funny. Hopefully the exciting feelings when reading the Mercenary Enrollment manhwa will carry over to the next chapter.

Talking about the upcoming chapter, here is information about the release date of Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 29.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 29: Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment chapter 29 is scheduled to officially release on Naver Webtoon on Saturday, April 17, 2021 at night with Korean content. Meanwhile, for the English translation on the non-official website, it seems that it will come out the next morning as usual on Sundays.

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