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Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 28: Official Release Date


After training with Team 2, Yu Ijin was finally invited by Yuna's sister to gain first-hand experience in living life as a bodyguard for the SW Group. Yu Ijin accepted the offer.

It didn't take long, Yu Ijin immediately changed into his bodyguard outfit, complete with his coat. He finally went to the SW company with Yuna's sister and the others. Before that trip, Yu Ijin had acted like a real bodyguard.

In fact, he had acted very well as a bodyguard by counting how many people were coming, how many cars were used and so on before departure. This calculation is of course for the safety of Yuna's sister.

On the way, Yu Ijin also intelligently answered various questions asked by Yuna's sister very well. On the other hand, they are still watching Yu Ijin because they are very curious about him who is super mysterious.

The escort task went well until it was finished.

The most interesting thing in the previous chapter, Yu Ijin managed to protect Yuna's sister from the glass from the car when a container truck driven by a drunk grazed the car they were driving.

This scene is really, really good. In fact, Yuna's sister was shocked and embarrassed when Yu Ijin saved her with a hug. Her face looks very beautiful. Surely some of you think so too.

On the other hand, some of you fans must be wondering and thinking like this "Will Yuna's sister become a Tsundere person ?!" All of that seems to be seen quickly as the story progresses.

What is clear, the upcoming Mercenary Enrollment chapter 28 will be an even more interesting story to read.

Meanwhile, talking about the upcoming chapter, here is the information about the release date!

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 28: Release Date

Mercenary Enrollment chapter 28 is scheduled to officially release on Naver Webtoon on Saturday, April 10, 2021 at night with Korean content. Meanwhile, for the English translation on the non-official website, it seems that it will come out the next morning as usual on Sundays.

Source: Chapteria

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