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Gleipnir Episode 5: Spoilers and Release Date

The coin hunt will soon continue in the Gleipnir Episode 5 anime! Shuichi and Clair will enter the story where the setting is located in a mountainous area.
Gleipnir Episode 5: Spoilers and Release Date
Why in the mountains?

because it was in that area the Alien plane crashed and several coins spread. Even so, there were not only Shuichi and Clair there, but also other coin hunters who had their respective goals.

On this occasion, we will be presenting a bit of spoilers for the Gleipnir anime episode 5, for fans who don't mind spoilers, please continue reading.

Gleipnir Episode 5 Spoilers: Shuichi and Clair VS. Tadanori Sanbe

The first enemy to be featured in the Episode 5 Gleipnir anime is Tadanori Sanbe. Unlike the enemies Shuichi and Clair who had previously faced, Tadanori Sanbe was a fairly powerful enemy with extraordinary strength. Not only that, the body size of the changes are also quite large.

More details about Tadanori Sanbe:
Sanbe in monster mode
When he changed, he became a large skeleton warrior with a long sword as his arm, with that ability too, he could easily cut off his opponents. In addition, his body was also strong enough to hold bullets.

Tadanori Sanbe has considerable strength, as proof, with it only slamming the ground, it can create a powerful impact that will create long cracks on the ground.

In the manga himself, he is told to have practiced in various martial arts, but with his new body, he has to adjust again to his own fighting style.

Normal appearance as a human:
Sanbe's human face (real face)
Tadanori Sanbe himself is a second year student at Yamakita University. After fighting with Shuichi and Clair, he finally admitted defeat because of their intelligence and toughness. Tadonori Sanbe finally joined Shuichi and Clair.

Anime Gleipnir Episode 5: Release Date

Anime Gleipnir is scheduled to be officially released and aired in Japan on Sunday, May 3, 2020. You can watch it on official site such as Crunchyroll, Funimation, Hulu or some Japanese TV channels.

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