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Kakushigoto Episode 5: Release Date & Screenshots

On Tuesday, the official website and Twitter Account of anime Kakushigoto reveals new screenshots of the scenes for upcoming episode 5.

The screenshots below:
Kakushigoto Episode 5
Kakushigoto Episode 5
Kakushigoto Episode 5
Kakushigoto Episode 5
Kakushigoto Episode 5
Kakushigoto Episode 5
In the current timeline, The screenshots of the scenes show Hime hugs the big box. She looks so sad because of the box left by his mother. I think she feels like her mother is around here and always trying to give her best until now. She feels sad, but also happy.

In the timeline when Hime was a child, she is still shown among the boxes and talking with his father. There more other characters shown in this screenshots: Editor: Satsuki Tomaruin, Nadila, Ichiko Rokujou, and Naru Senda.

Besides the screenshots, the official website of the anime as usual also reveals information about the staff working on the anime project "Kakushigoto episode 5", which includes:
  • Screenplay: Takashi Aoshima
  • Storyboard: Shinpei Matsuo, Im Gahi
  • Director: Ken Kato
  • Animation director: Tomoyuki Matsumoto, Yuji Kondo

Kakushigoto Episode 5: Release Date

Kakushigoto episode 5 will air on April 30, 2020 in Japan. You can watch Kakushigoto episode 5 on Japanese TV Channels such as: TOKYO MX, Sun TV, BS Nippon Television, AT-X or you can watch by streaming on Crunchyroll, Funimation, and many more.

About Kakushigoto Anime

Kakushigoto is anime spring that premiere on April 2, 2020 with studio production named Ajia-do Animation Works. This anime based on manga that's written and ilustrated by Kōji Kumeta with the same title. 

Kakushigoto tells about a single-father named Kakushi Gotō. He's a mangaka that makes adult manga. He doesn't want his daughter knows about that. So, he decided to hide this from his daughter while working as mangaka. Every stories in this series looks so funny, but sometimes is really touching.

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